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Newcastle United: the Day the Promises Had to Stop

Book Review for When Saturday Comes magazine of Newcastle United: the Day the Promises Had to Stop by Denis Cassidy



Goliath was felled by David,
Knowledge helped beat the odds.
Israeli ordnance paid no heed
To goals of watching gods.

The first book to be printed had
That tale contained within,
Descendants of the Book now quake:
Philistines still would win!

With data tariff on their phone
Who needs to loan a book?
The wisdom of the world right there
A shame they never look

What of the family with no cash,
The child who has no sim?
Without the right to access books
Their chances only dim.

Encapsulated learning sits
Inside walls on a page.
The padlocked doors chain us to shame
Our nation has to change.

This poem was a submission to the excellent writers for libraries website which is protesting against the impending closure of large numbers of public libraries as a result of the coalition government’s cuts to local council funding.

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