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Interested in Football, Politics and Culture, I’ve written for When Saturday Comes magazine, the Guardian, Left Foot Forward, the Newcastle United fanzine True Faith, and also for Sabotage Times and twohundredpercent. I also contributed a chapter to Labour Left’s Red Book.



  1. biffa says:

    Morning Mark, well observed piece in the Guardian re: hooligan chic and 96 deaths – i’ve taken the liberty of linking this from for the non Guardian reading elements of our readership. Best wishes, Biffa.


  2. Aidan says:

    Hi Mark. Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your article in the Guardian this week. You seemed to take an opinion that I have always held – and at times felt a bit isolated for – and put it into a national paper. It is a shame that they closed the comments section as it was generating some fascinating debate. There were clearly some who had seen the words “Hillsborough” and “Hooliganism” and jumped to a response without reading it but I felt that what you wrote was absolutely spot on!


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