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Bournemouth (A) 07/11/2015

  • Keeping it Real

    With our 3 senior keepers all injured the talk all week has been of youngsters and loans coming in. Surprise surprise, there’s been no move for out-of-favour Victor Valdes at Manchester United as yet. If the only one of the 3 who has a chance of being fit today, Rob Elliot, doesn’t make it then we will have Freddie Woodman making his debut and youngster Brendan Pearson on the bench. Pearson is actually older than Woodman but he’s not on a pro deal yet whereas Woodman has at least been out on loan and played some senior football so you know what I mean.
    The temptation here is to be very critical of the club hierarchy, especially after much the same thing happened last season. However in this case I have to say that 3 senior keepers should be enough, especially with Woodman next in line of whom much is expected. We are marginally better off for keepers than last season, with our current 3rd choice Karl Darlow being a better option than Jak Alnwick was, who with the best will in the world just wasn’t up to it when he got his chance.
    Our injury problems are even worse this time round though. Last time we had our top 2 injured, now it’s all 3 so we bypass Darlow for selection. If the spotlight needs to be pointed anywhere it’s not at our recruitment in this case but at why our players get injured so often. Aside from our keeper problem, we have players who I’d expect to be first-team regulars who are just never available and we seem to permanently have more injured than other clubs. If McClaren is searching for a target for incremental improvement he could do a lot worse than look at this.
    Terry’s All Gold
    John Terry has been quoted as saying he’ll take criticism from people he regards as his equals, Rio Ferdinand, Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville, but not from someone like Robbie Savage who he says “played at a really bad level, who haven’t had a career”. Now if Terry had said he wouldn’t take criticism from Savage because he’s a halfwit who wouldn’t recognise an incisive point if it stabbed him between the eyes, I’d be inclined to agree with him. But the fact is, Savage played 13 straight seasons in the Premier League, and was a regular in international football for Wales. That’s really not a bad level, yet Terry’s chosen to attack that rather than Savage’s opinions.
    Of course Terry’s point is that unless you’ve won the Champions League and captained England he’s not interested in your opinion. That includes you, me, and every single person who’s ever bought a ticket to watch Chelsea or England. The contempt drips from the man, and his indifference to the disapproval of others has been clear from his behaviour throughout his time in the spotlight so perhaps no-one should be surprised. The “Show Us Your Medals” attitude was clearly misguided when Hansen and Souness used to do it and it still is now.
    Beeb Bangs the Drums
    Anyone tired of watching Manchester clubs and the other usual suspects on TV all the time might have been looking forward to the 1st round of the FA Cup this weekend. However the BBC have chosen to show Salford City at home to Notts County on Friday night and BT Sport have opted for FC United of Manchester against Chesterfield on Monday. Have Salford City been chosen because of the chance of an upset or because they are part-owned by 5 of Manchester United’s “Class of 92”, and just happen to be the subject of a currently showing and very enjoyable BBCTV documentary series? FC United even tried to refuse to have their game shown, having been founded by ex-Man Utd fans disillusioned by that club’s selling its soul.
    There are plenty of possible upsets and interesting ties which could have been shown this weekend. They could have done good by showing Carlisle’s game away at Plymouth, and saving a few diehards a round trip to beat them all though I suppose diehards would go anyway. TV executives have been lured by the possibility of boosting viewing figures by attracting the many who are interested in Man Utd and may be at a loose end, even when they aren’t on themselves.
    Cole Comfort
    Ex-Magpie favourite Andy Cole has announced he’s been struggling with serious kidney trouble recently. Though he lost much of his popularity with our fans while on Manchester United’s books later in his career, I for one wish him well and I’m guessing most of you do too. He was a major part of the most exciting period of my time supporting this club and as I look back fondly to 20 years ago, what happened between then and now matters less with each passing year. What a player he was for us. Get well soon.

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