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Man City (A) Special 01/10/2015

  • Lone Ranger

    Ex-Magpies favourite Nile Ranger has been doing some soul-searching on Twitter this week, apologising to the clubs he’s played for saying he “should have given more”. He said the trigger for this had been the death of two friends recently and that he hoped to be able to get back on the pitch some day. He even posted videos of himself training. He is still on Blackpool’s books, who extended his contract in the summer surprisingly after he stopped turning up last November. Tangerines’ manager Neil ‘Spotty’ McDonald was less than impressed though, saying that despite the videos Ranger hadn’t even turned up for training the day before. Sky quoted McDonald as saying “The player has no future at this club. You’ll have to ask the hierarchy why he is still here.”
    Far be it from me to begrudge anyone the ability to make a living. If he really wants to get back into football and can turn himself around, then good luck to him. It would be a very strange decision by any club to offer him another chance of course. However, we all saw Ranger has talent in his time at Newcastle. If he took things seriously he would be a very attractive proposition for many lower-division clubs, big if though that is. Someone desperate might well take a gamble on him, and there are plenty of clubs in that situation. Don’t be surprised to see him pop up again somewhere soon.
    Kings become Knaves
    The moment that FIFA-watchers have been waiting for has finally arrived. Yes, criminal proceedings have been initiated against Sepp Blatter by Swiss prosecutors. Meanwhile Jack Warner of CONCACAF has been barred from all football activity for life. Blatter’s alleged wrongdoings involve payments to Michel Platini, up to now the favourite to take Blatter’s role at the next elections. The prosecutors have said Platini himself is not being interviewed merely as a witness.
    As the House of Cards falls, it seems all the picture cards in the pack are to be dragged into the mire.
    Selective Effort
    Following on from our tremendous performance against Chelsea at the weekend, Jose Mourinho made a serious allegation against Newcastle’s players; that they can put everything into games against sides such as his, yet not find it within themselves to break sweat against less feted teams.
    Love him or hate him, you have to say the Special One has a point here. If our side can pull out all the stops against Chelsea and come within a whisker of winning, can battle to the end when a man down against Arsenal, and gain a deserved point at Old Trafford, how come they can be so lacklustre against Watford, Swansea, and West Ham? It would be easy to make excuses and say that cautious tactics work better against sides who come on to you, but our tactics were the most cavalier they’ve been for years against Chelsea. The fact of the matter is that our players took the fight to the opposition, something they’ve done all too infrequently whatever our tactics. Well done to them for that but it needs to continue and it needs to happen every week, starting with Man City this afternoon.
    Do I want us to go gung ho at the Etihad? Perhaps not, but nothing is more certain than that if we go back to strolling around and letting them do what they want we will be on the end of a serious thumping.

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