Mark Brophy

Home » Poetry » Entitlement



Waltz right in, why don’t you?
I guess that was always the plan.
With a smile on your face saying you own the place,
“Don’t you know who I am?”

I know who you are alright
The opened door let in a chill
I’ll not make hay whatever you say
I don’t want your cheap thrill.

Once when sides were taken
yours was surely mine.
I never left, you fell out of step
and marched to another man’s time.

When I looked for a friend where were you?
There were times I was under attack.
When I needed a shield you were truly revealed
you never had my back.

So now you need me for something,
the tables are turned for a while.
Sure, I’ll help, but not you, someone else.
I’m turning my back on your smile.


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