Mark Brophy

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Jump to the Next Roof


Look at me and you’ll see
my days summed until now;
Bumped and bruised and cut and burned
but not quite beaten down.

Blue Eyes said he’d few regrets;
he should have thought some more.
Anyone who says they’ve none’s
not lived or thought at all.

Could have done so much more
I could have changed the world
Instead I stand and watch and seethe
and still my flag is furled.

An immaculate machine is sorry to behold;
Built to serve a purpose and not just to be sold.
Don’t you do what I did and get swallowed by the herd
You can fly above them, be your own peculiar bird.

Never tried to reconcile
my thoughts and words and acts;
talk is cheap, it makes me weep
I let this come to pass.

My life isn’t over
I wasted lots of years
Let myself be lazy
I didn’t face my fears.

I just got distracted
it’s easier in truth;
if you never see the gap
you won’t jump to the next roof.

When you make your choices, remember who you are,
if you wander off your path make sure you don’t go far.
They will try to scare you, so your vision’s blurred,
but they can’t tell you what to do, you peculiar bird.


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