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Nick Clegg and the National Interest


In an interview today with Sky News, Nick Clegg said that PM David Cameron’s plan for an In/Out referendum on the European union was “not in the national interest because it hits jobs and growth”. Rewind back to 2010 and Clegg’s justification for entering into a coalition with the Tories was that it was in the national interest. His position was that in the deep financial crisis of the time, stable government was vital to restore confidence, again to protect jobs and growth.

Though the Telegraph article linked above claims Clegg wouldn’t enter into a coalition with the Tories at the next election on this basis, he didn’t actually say that, his words merely “suggest” it. He has left the way clear for another shameless unprincipled power grab in 2015, and another parliament of ineffectual toning down of increasingly hardline right wing Tory plans. Should the partners in crime achieve another hung parliament we can look forward to the rolling back of social initiatives which took a thousand years to win. Worker’s rights, the provision of education, healthcare, housing & the basic staples of life according to need will all be swept away with minimal interference from the Lib-Dems.

If he thinks the Tory referendum plan is against the national interest maybe he really should resist any offer to join a coalition in 2015. If it’s against the national interest then what’s the point of enabling Tory destruction? That’s a dangerous train of thought for Clegg however. If it’s unjustifiable to join a coalition which is acting against the national interest, endangering jobs and growth, what’s keeping him and his party there right now?


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